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3 Bedroom House


- three bedroom house
- Montagu Crescent, Edmonton, N18 2HA
- reception room
- kitchen
- bathroom
- close to Angel Road station
- Property Price: 234995

Private Sellers
Buy-To-Let Property

For those investing in property on a buy-to-let basis, ex-council homes in sought after locations make sound financial sense.

In London zones 1 and 2, which cover popular areas such as Camden Town, Kensington Gardens, Fulham, Pimlico and Chelsea. Yes, it's possible to buy ex-local authority property in areas usually associated with the Range Rover set - a far cry from the picture that's often painted of council property. Such properties can be bought for far less than similar private sector properties but can command rents that equal 80 percent of what could be expected from property costing almost twice as much.

But even property in less attractive areas can be an excellent investment for the buy-to-let property investor. With the Olympics coming to London in 2012, property in London's East End will be increasingly sought after so buying now is bound to yield a huge profit on property that, until now, has been largely overlooked by major property investors.
Property investors who are interested in buy-to-let property investments are generally able to finance ex-local authority property through special buy-to-let mortgages . Most lenders know that there are huge yields to be made from this kind of property as long as the location's right, and with property investors being able to command rents of around £2000 per month in sought after areas of London, there's little risk of loss.

While ex-council properties in good locations offer high returns to buy-to-rent property investors through rents, the actual property value growth is likely to be somewhat lower than could be expected from similar properties.

Short-Term, Long-Term and Buy To Let Property Investment

For as long as business transactions have been recorded, the buying and selling of property has been considered a good investment. Although there are never any guarantees, for those with a keen eye for business, investing in property can yield huge returns on capital on long-term investments, with buy-to-let being a popular option amongst property investors.

When the conservative government introduced the Right to Buy scheme of 1980, numerous tenants bought their property with a view to re-selling for profit and attracted canny buy-to-let property investors to ex-local authority properties. 3 Bedroom House


- three bedroom house
- three double bedroom
- reception
- kitchen
- bathroom
- close to Angel Road station
- Property Price: 234995

For those who bought their property from the council at massively discounted prices and then sold them on, no other form of investment could have come close to offering the kind of profits that most enjoyed. Many were able to buy another property that was perhaps better suited to the lifestyle and still have money left over to either re-invest or enjoy as a nest-egg for the proverbial rainy day. It's doubtful that anybody had ever made such a high profit from property as those who bought under the Right to Buy scheme.

But what about those considering
buying ex-local authority property today? Thanks to the popularity of lifestyle TV programmes that teach the layman how to profit from property by turning unpopular properties into sought after homes, investing in property has never been more popular.

While some are interested in buying ex-council property in order to secure a home for themselves, others are interested in re-furbishing for a quick sale and at maximum profit. Others again and interested in keeping the property in the long-term but for the sole purpose of renting for profit. Whether buying for a short-term investment or as a buy-to-let property, if buyers who are investing in property are clever enough to find the right property in the right area, they're almost certain to make a profit.


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